Singla Eye Hospital is now NABH Accredited Hospital. NABH Accreditation is handed over to only those who follow certain international standards (ISQUA) in terms of medical care, hospital management and high standard process delivery mechanism.


Singla Eye Hospital is a symbol of quality eye care in Punjab for more the past 3 decades. This hospital is situated in the city of Kotkapura, a small business town in Malwa region of Punjab. This hospital had a humble beginning in the year 1982 when a young energetic doctor Dr. Somnath Singla opened a 2 room clinic along with his gynecologist wife Dr. Sneh Prabha. In an era when very limited facilities were available for eye related problems in this region, Dr. Singla with his grit, determination and sheer willpower, carved out this super specialty eye care center.

The goal of Singla Eye Hospital is Best Eye Care at Affordable Price. Singla Eye Hospital constantly upgrades its technology and is equipped with highly sophisticated instruments for diagnosis and treatment. Quality of eye care is at par with the best hospitals in bigger cities.

The hospital provides services in all sub specialties of eye with an expert panel of doctors catering to Anterior Segment, Glaucoma, retina, cornea, oculoplasty, pediatric ophthalmology, refractive treatment, community ophthalmology and emergency service.