"Bring Your Life Back Into Focus" with the Most Advanced and Cost Effective Cataract Surgery

Dr Rohtas Singla Performing Cataract Surgery

  • Singla Eye Hospital is committed to providing the most recent technological advances in cataract surgery in order to increase the patient's potential of achieving their full range of vision, including reading vision by utilizing presbyopic and multifocal lenses that simulate the youthful natural lens.

  • Oertli Phaco-Emulsification Unit

    At Singla Eye Hospital cataract surgery is done after numbing the eye with drops (No injection of anesthesia is used). Then the cataract is removed through a micro-incision using state of the art Swiss made Oertli Phaco emulsification unit. Then a foldable lens is implanted through this micro-incision. Incision is so small that no stitches are required to close it. Whole procedure is done under Moller Wedel Allegra 900 Microscope.

Moller Wedel Allegra 900 Operating Microscope with EIBOS

  • Therefore the surgery is stichless and needle free. Additionally, results from the surgery appear faster and some may be immediate.

  • Our caring staff takes every effort to make your short stay with us as comfortable as possible. After surgery all post-operative instructions are explained in detail.