"Get The Vision You've Been Dreaming of" at a Price You Never Imagined

Dr. Aditya Singla, Chief refractive surgeon performing comprehensive eye examination

  • The first step towards correcting your vision using the excimer laser is an evaluation meeting with your ophthalmologist.

  • During this meeting, your ophthalmologist will make sure that you are a good candidate for the lasik surgery; your eyesight must have been stable for at least one year and you have not had any other ocular problems. Then your doctor will explain to you in detail the surgical procedure and answer any related question you may have.

  • If you wear soft contact lenses, you must remove them at least 1 week prior to the surgery if they are of the type that you remove to go to sleep, and at least 2 weeks prior if you sleep with them on. The period is 2 weeks for the air permeable type, and 1 month for rigid contact lenses.

  • The risk of infection is reduced to 1/5000.
  • The visual recuperation is much faster. Most people can go back to work or drive their vehicle the following day.
  • The quality of eyesight is better, since the Lasik technique keeps all the layers of the cornea intact.
  • Post surgical pain is virtually eliminated. A minor discomfort will last for 2 to 6 hours, similar to having a grain of sand in your eye.