Singla Eye Hospital is now NABH Accredited Hospital. NABH Accreditation is handed over to only those who follow certain international standards (ISQUA) in terms of medical care, hospital management and high standard process delivery mechanism.

Glaucomatous optic nerve head damage


Glaucoma is a disease that produces damage to the nerve in the back of the eye (optic nerve). This damage occurs because of many different factors. The pressure in the eye is usually elevated. Whether the damage to the optic nerve occurs due to high pressure or changes in blood flow to the nerve is not completely understood. Nerve damage produces loss of side vision or peripheral vision. Progressive nerve damage produces progressive peripheral vision loss. Untreated, glaucoma is a blinding disease.

The Glaucoma Clinic at Singla Eye Hospital specialises in effective long-term management of Glaucoma and associated complications that are likely to arise with this degenerative disorder. As a matter of procedure, all patients are screened for Glaucoma / possible Glaucoma, as timely intervention is crucial to its effective management.

  • Digital Applanation Tonometry
  • Non-Contact Tonometry
  • Pachymetry – for measuring central corneal thickness
  • OCT - for Retinal Nerve Fibre Analysis – early detection
  • OCT - for Ganglion Cell Complex Study – early detection
  • OCT – Optic Nerve Head Study
  • Humphrey Visual Field Analyser
  • Humphrey FDT® Perimeter
  • Anterior Segment OCT for Angle Study
  • ND-YAG Laser Iridotomy
  • Medicines and oral drug therapy
  • Surgery to prevent further deterioration and begin effective management
  • Combined Cataract and Glaucoma Surgery


Non-Contact Tonometry

Humphrey Visual Field Analyser

Humphrey FDT® Perimeter

Dr Somnath Singla performing ND-YAG Laser Iridotomy

Glaucoma Filtration Surgery