Singla Eye Hospital is now NABH Accredited Hospital. NABH Accreditation is handed over to only those who follow certain international standards (ISQUA) in terms of medical care, hospital management and high standard process delivery mechanism.

Singla Eye Hospital started organizing free yearly eye camps in the year 1989 in order to bring better eye care to the poor. We took another step ahead in this endeavor in the year 1996 when Shri M.L. Singla Charitable trust was established.

This trust organizes yearly Mega Camp in the month of September in the remembrance of Late Advocate Shri Manohar Lal Singla (1926-1984) father of our director Dr. Somnath Singla. In the past 24 years around 8000 patients have been operated in these camps.

This trust also organizes eye check-up camps in and around Kotkapura throughout the year. It has also been our endeavor to spread general awareness about eye diseases and care of the eyes, for which we have held camps and lectures at various educational organizations in and around Kotkapura.

We are committed to strengthening our free and community work in the future and if you wish to send any genuinely poor patient, for which we can be of any help, we would try our best. Similarly, if at all you decide to sponsor some surgery etc. at our hospital for a needy patient, we can assure you of our best services and gratitude.

Mobile Unit for Out Reach activity

Free Out Reach Eye Camp

Meeting with School Teachers

Local Organizers

Slitlamp Examination

Vision Checkup at free eye camp