Singla Eye Hospital is now NABH Accredited Hospital. NABH Accreditation is handed over to only those who follow certain international standards (ISQUA) in terms of medical care, hospital management and high standard process delivery mechanism.
Occuloplastic surgery specialists at Singla Eye Hospital are trained to detect and diagnose congenital defects, injuries, age-related eye disorders, degenerative disorders and offer advanced surgical options to restore vision.


  • State-of-the-art equipment to address and offer unmatched care in all surgical aspects

  • Transcanalicular Laser DCR surgery for blocked Nasolacrimal ducts (excessive watering of eyes)
  • Eyelid surgery: correct disorders such as mal-position of the eyelid (drooping eyelids, eyelid tumours, inflammatory or vascular disorders)
  • Eyelid surgery: for inward or outward turning of eyelids (Entropion/Ectropion)


Transcanalicular Laser DCR