Singla Eye Hospital is now NABH Accredited Hospital. NABH Accreditation is handed over to only those who follow certain international standards (ISQUA) in terms of medical care, hospital management and high standard process delivery mechanism.
We at Singla Eye Hospital deliver world-class care for a variety of corneal disorders, such as corneal infections, corneal injuries, tear disorders, corneal dystrophy and other degenerative disorders.

Diagnostic Facilities

  • Corneal Topography
  • Anterior segment OCT
  • Aberrometry
  • Pachymetry

  • Specialised contact lenses
  • Management of Keratoconus - C3R
  • Refractive Surgery – freedom from spectacles
  • Phakic IOL - for patients who cannot undergo refractive surgery
  • Pterygium Surgery

Anterior Segment OCT

Corneal Topography